OMTA/WSMTA Music Literacy Program

OMTA/WSMTA Music Literacy Program (MLP)
(Formerly Musicianship Examinations)

During Music Literacy Program, students are evaluated in 6 categories of Musicianship by other music teachers in the Olympia area in a non-threatening environment. These examinations have been endorsed by WSMTA (Washington State Music Teachers’ Association,) as a way of progressively measuring student competence in up to six areas relating to music. These six categories have been divided into 10 levels of difficulty, and include the following:

Technique – Scales, chords, arpeggios, etc.

Rhythm – Tapping or clapping a given rhythm accurately

Sight Playing – Accurately playing a piece that the student has never seen

Transposition – Playing a piece of music in more than one key

Ear Training – Hearing intervals, rhythms, musical form, etc., and answering questions about what is heard

Written Theory – Writing answers in a written test about notation, musical terms, etc.

Students are also have the option to create an artistic project showing their othter artistic talents as well. This project is not evaluated, but is for the purpose of student, parent, and teacher appreciation.

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