OMTA Concerto Competition 

OMTA Concerto Competition

Members and their students participating in this event will have the opportunity to play for special guest adjudicators and receive comments about their performance. Winner of the Advanced Division will perform their concerto with the Olympia Chamber Orchestra in the first quarter of the upcoming year! This is a great event to attend, watch and listen. You will enjoy the level of musicianship and the variety of captivating music. Admission is free to the public. Donations are gratefully accepted.

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OMTA 2018 Concerto Competition Results

Elementary Division:
1st Place: Noelle Menser, teacher Brooke Beecher
2nd Place: Aidan Mui, teacher Amy Yang
3rd Place: Patrick Luu, teacher Amy Yang

Elementary Division Honorable Mention:
Ella Cao and Ila Velupula, teacher Amy Yang
Emmy Dalrymple, teacher Jennifer Bowman
Xiwen Teh, teacher Sue Dick

Lower Intermediate Division:
1st Place: Kim Luu, teacher Amy Yang
2nd Place: Maegen Shen, teacher Amy Yang
3rd Place: Calvin Aldrich, teacher Ramona Allen

Lower Intermediate Division Honorable Mention: 
Alaina Hansen, teacher Hannah Cho
Monroe Dalrymple, teacher Jennifer Bowman
Joy Matsuoka, teacher Brooke Beecher
Addison Mui, teacher Amy Yang

Upper Intermediate Division:
1st Place: Kaloyan Menser, teacher Brooke Beecher
2nd Place:  Gracie Park, teacher Amy Yang
3rd Place: Sophie Dalrymple, teacher Jennifer Bowman

Upper Intermediate Division Honorable Mention:
Paloma Sharangpani, teacher Jennifer Bowman
Isabella Shields, teacher Ramona Allen

Advanced A Division:
1st Place: Chloe Song, teacher Ramona Allen
2nd Place: Michael Zhao, teacher Brooke Beecher
3rd Place: Nathan Goh, teacher Amy Yang

Advanced A Division Honorable Mention:
Galan Hernandez and Rudy Voetbert, teacher Jennifer Bowman

Advanced B Division:
1st Place: Lilia Allen, teacher Ramona Allen & Oksana Ejokina
2nd Place: Gabriel Ong, teacher Brooke Beecher
3rd Place: Andy Phan, teacher Jennifer Bowman

Advanced B Division Honorable Mention:
Megan Lorich, teacher Ramona Allen

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