OMTA Events

Below is a list and description of events held by OMTA. To see the complete annual calendar of events, select the Calendar link under Events in the menu above or click here: Calendar.

OMTA/WSMTA Music Artistry Programs (Formerly Adjudications)

Chair: Cherie Felts

For this event, students prepare music from different music eras and present them to a college level adjudicator for both written remarks and optional interactive time working with the visiting artist (adjudicator) immediately following their performance. It is helpful for both the student and their teacher because this opportunity provides objective feedback, encouragement and helps the student to have set and accomplished musical goals. Students that would like to enter the OMTA /WSMTA Recital Competition are required to participate in OMTA/WSMTA Music Artistry Program as well. In addition, our adjudicators choose students from all levels to perform in the Olympia Chapter’s Honors Recitals which are held the Sunday immediately following Music Artistry Program week, based on their performance. Contact OMTA Music Artistry Program Chair

OMTA Autumn Recitals
Chair: Mariann Ryan

Olympia Music Teachers Association offers three recital festivals each year that are open to the students of both members and non-members.

Autumn Festival is held on the first Saturday in November. Students memorize and perform pieces that relate to the season, such as falling leaves, stormy weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. This is the perfect performance opportunity for students of all ages and levels.
Contact OMTA Autumn Recitals Chair

OMTA Concerto Competition
Chair: Lynn Lewis

Members and their students participating in this event will have the opportunity to play for special guest adjudicators and receive comments about their performance. A second piano plays the part of the orchestra. While not all students are in it for the competition, this is a judged event, and the winner of the Advanced Division will perform their concerto with the Olympia Chamber Orchestra in the first quarter of the upcoming year! This is a great event to attend, watch and listen. You will enjoy the level of musicianship and the variety of captivating music. Admission is free to the public. Donations are gratefully acceptedContact OMTA Concerto Competition Chair

WSMTA Conference Honors Competition and Recital
Chair: Ronda Morse

Chair to provide a description of this event. Contact Honors Competition and Recital Chair

WSMTA District IV Workshop


Address Executive Board in regard to posting this event. Chair to provide a description of this event. Contact District IV Worshop Chair

OMTA Graduating Seniors’ Recital
Chair: Jennifer Bowman

Chair to provide a description of this event. Contact OMTA Graduating Seniors Recital Chair

OMTA Master Lessons
Chair: Joseph Murrow

OMTA Master Lessons Students provide an opportunity to present one or more pieces for a master teacher and receive coaching in the fall and winter. This is an excellent opportunity for teachers who would like help in preparing for MAP, or the Chapter Honors Competition, or are working towards certification, as the hours count towards continuing education pointsContact OMTA Master Lessons Chair

OMTA Playathon

Coordinator: Sue Dick

The OMTA Playathon is an event that provides students, at any level, an opportunity to perform music in a fun setting, and in a low pressure situation. Contact OMTA Playathon Coordinator

OMTA Pop, Jazz & Ensemble Recitals
Chair: Mariann Ryan

Pop, Jazz, Duet (Ensemble) Recitals are held in conjunction with the Musicianship Festival, the first Saturday in May. This delightful event provides students the opportunity to perform from these three genres of music, always a favorite for the audiences.

These recitals are great opportunities for students to gain confidence playing for larger groups, and for teachers to collaborate for these fun events. There are always enough participants that each recital festival is broken into three and sometimes four recital sessions; typically 20-25 students perform in each recital session. Contact OMTA Pop, Jazz & Ensemble Recitals Chair

OMTA Sonatina Recitals
Chair: Mariann Ryan

Sonatina Recitals are held the last Saturday in February. Each student is asked to perform one movement of a Sonata or Sonatina.
Contact OMTA Sonatina Recitals Chair